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2023-2024 Class List now available to download:    
Registration opens - Monday, May 1. Contact Us



  • Classes always begin the day following Labor Day in September. 

  • There will be no classes on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day.

  • There is typically a 2-week break between semesters around the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

  • Pillar follows the Snow/Ice Closure Day schedule of the Rockwood School District. (Snow Schedule and Wind Chill do not apply.)

  • There is a 1-week "Spring Break" observed in the middle of the 2nd semester. This does not necessarily coincide with the Easter holiday.

  • Other national or religious holidays are not observed on the class schedule.

  • Individual class instructors may cancel a class session at their discretion.

  • Classes typically end in early-to-mid May.



Pre-Calculus (full year)*
Chemistry (full year)*
Public Speaking (Semester 1 and Semester 2 - repeat)*
Biology (full year)*





EagleNest - Students 13 - up work on multiple media production projects (videos, podcasts, blog, writing, producing, etc.) promoting the

Christian worldview, America's Christian heritage, and civic involvement.  NO REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY.  

Meeting Thursday afternoons 1:30 - 3:30pm. 

Check out the website: and YouTube page:



POTENTIAL CLASS ADDITIONS  (Contact uby clicking here--let us know your thoughts and interests.)

The listings below are possible new classes (some confirmed*), and do not include existing classes continuing in 2023-24:


Pre-Calculus*                                                                                                                    (*Confirmed classes)   


Statistics (Mathematical)


Public Speaking*

Literature: Hero's Journey

Mere Christianity Book Study

Political Science (in development)

Biblical Citizenship (in development)

Cultural Apologetics

Biblical Apologetics (in development)

Biblical Leadership

Ethics (in development)

Critical Thinking Skills (in development)

Music Theory

Music Appreciation American Style (in development) 

Personal Finance

Appreciating the Arts: A Biblical View of Aesthetics (in development)

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