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What is The Pillar Foundation?

We are a private, charitable, educational foundation equipping and encouraging Christian homeschool families, and the community-at-large, with a Biblical Christian worldview.  Research in America's Christian heritage and related subject matter is expressed through instruction, lectures, seminars and conferences in our beautiful facility.  Semester classes are offered to the homeschooling community free of charge.  This is made possible by our generous benefactors who established the foundation and also through the tax-deductible gifts of interested donors.  Come and visit us!

 The Pillar Library

The Pillar Worldview Library is available to all registered patrons and homeschooling families. The library is designed to provide a place of research and study that focuses primarily on the Biblical worldview and its application in every area of life.


Our book and media selections cover more than a dozen major categories such as: Education, Science, Philosophy, Ethics, Civics, Politics, History, Christianity and Religion, Moral and Social Issues, Economics, Family and Home, Autobiographies and Biographies, Arts and Media, Classic/Classical Literature and Children's Books.


Our American Republic was founded upon basic Christian principles and morals historically infused into American culture and government. The virtues of Christian character and duty infused America's soul, forming and informing individual and local self-government. These virtues are the very guardian of our liberty.



Research towards the restoration of our heritage, the recovery of our freedoms, and the spiritual revival of our culture is at the heart of our purpose. It is our hope that making these resources available will spark a new interest in civic responsibility and a renewed commitment to historic, Biblical Christianity.


As a supplement to home education, Pillar offers a variety of classes for generally high school-aged homeschoolers.​ Pillar is not a school, but does offer classes as an outgrowth of our research and an outreach to the homeschool community. We offer unique classes taught by uniquely qualified volunteers. Our annual flagship courses are Worldview Foundations, Understanding the Times, and American History: America's Christian Heritage. See our current class list here.


Fitting with our mission and purpose, there are some special events that are offered in the form of lectures, meetings, and conferences. Some of these events may be sponsored by organizations other than The Pillar Foundation. We are pleased to be able to undergird and inform the local homeschool community by hosting or sponsoring such programs and guest speakers. Events may be posted on our events page here or you may contact Pillar for more information.


1 Timothy 3:15 - "...the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth"

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