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What Others are Saying...

​Recent Students...​

As a homeschool graduate I am so thankful for my time taking classes at Pillar throughout high school. The classes are structured to prepare you for college courses and taught on a Christian foundation.  - R.F.


The Pillar Foundation has been a wonderful experience for me as a student. I love how organized the classes are and how much effort is put into each one. As a Christian, I love how Pillar’s classes revolve around a Biblical worldview. I have not only grown as a student, but as a Christian, and a person in my Pillar experience. The staff is phenomenal and ready to help when needed. If you are looking for a mature, self-governed based, Christ-centered place to take some serious courses to supplement your education, Pillar is the place.  - A.M.

The Pillar Foundation has used academics to teach me the importance of character and helped me grow in my faith. I would be truly unprepared for adulthood without it.  - R.M.

Former Students...

I went to the Pillar Foundation for several years in high school.  All of the classes I took were based on a Biblical worldview and the course content and resources were quality. The instructors were genuinely passionate about their subject matter and I couldn’t wait to get to class each week. The Pillar Foundation is truly a one of a kind place. - G.S.

It’s hard to express how important The Pillar Foundation has been in my life. I attended classes throughout high school and studied an amazing variety of subjects. The community of students uplifted me and provided wonderful friendships both in my teen years and even to this day. The classes were wonderfully prepared and I had the opportunity to learn from experts and passionate individuals in their fields. More than education, though, is my gratitude to Pillar for serving as the launch point of both my God-given purpose and career. My education at Pillar fanned the flames of patriotism, kindled by my family and the connections I made there, and launched my newfound passion into politics. I owe so much to the men and women who staffed and volunteered their time through Pillar. Without question, The Pillar Foundation put me on my life’s path. - R.H.

Pillar classes were extremely beneficial to me as a student - not only did I learn a tremendous amount of information about history, etiquette, writing, debate, etc. from my classes at Pillar, but I also (and most importantly) credit the academic shaping and strengthening of my Christian worldview to the Pillar classes I took. When I went to college, I already had a strong foundation in academics because of Pillar that set me up for success at college. At college I was able to learn more and perform better because of my Pillar classes. I am incredibly grateful for Pillar and the Pillar community, and cannot recommend highly enough taking classes at The Pillar Foundation.  - R.F.

I gained a critical education from Pillar as it shaped my outlook on all of life, from my heart and home to the world at large, politics and religion.  It is no stretch to say that not a week goes by when I do not reference a concept or principle I learned through the variety of classes provided at Pillar.  - J.F.


The Pillar Foundation has been a huge blessing in our lives. My two teens have thrived and grown in many areas from attending classes at Pillar. I know the lessons they are learning will stay with them the rest of their life. Pillar is a very special, unique learning center. We are so grateful our students get to benefit from the wonderful teachers, and staff that pour themselves into teaching from a biblical worldview.  If you want your student to learn how to impact the world for God, prepare for college and the workplace, we highly suggest you enroll in one or more of the wonderful classes they offer! - H.M.

The Pillar Foundation is a great asset to the home education community.  Our experience is that the Pillar Foundation offers courses taught from a Biblical worldview that are rigorous and college preparatory both academically and spiritually.  All three of our students commented that the Pillar Foundation helped prepare them for the academic demands of college.  We appreciated the expertise, experience, and quality of the instructors that taught the classes. - V.W.

Pillar provided a magnificent addition to our son's high school years.  Classes and instructors of the highest quality helped prepare him for higher education and helped solidify the foundation of his Christian worldview.  - L.H.


The Pillar Foundation has been a great learning experience for my four older children.  With 3 graduated now and one a senior, they have all benefited from taking classes from Strings to Sign language to Worldviews during all four years each of their high school.  This is a great place to get a Biblical worldview homeschool education in a small classroom setting.  - D.F.


When we first heard of Pillar we were suspicious because it was free, so we were delighted to discover there wasn’t a catch!  The classes at Pillar helped prepare our children for their college classes.  The classes they took also helped solidify their Christian worldview and helped them recognize and analyze the various non-Christian worldviews that are creeping into our society.  Not only are the classes top-notch, but through them our children have made life-time friendships.  Pillar has been a huge blessing to our family!  -S.S.

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