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​We are here to serve the community—especially homeschooling families.

Directing The Pillar Foundation is one of the great joys of our life. Pillar had a major impact upon our family and we want it to continue to be an effective agent for others for years to come. Since 1996, Pillar has been a wonderful asset to the St. Louis area homeschooling community­­–it is a unique and special place. Studying and sharing America's rich Christian heritage and equipping high school students with a Christian worldview is what helps prepare students as leaders to meet the real world with real answers.

We are grateful for our founding fathers and their "patriot dream that sees beyond the years." We are also grateful for the forward vision of The Pillar's founders, Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Pat Andrews, and founding directors, Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sharon Cordner. We continue to share that vision as we speak into the lives of succeeding generations through study, library research, the classroom, and hosted lectures and events.


Come by our beautiful facility, browse our free Christian worldview lending library, sit in a class, participate in a group event; and see if this isn't the special place so many have appreciated over the years–The Pillar Foundation.

Dan and Leah Hite